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God Can Do Anything If You Have Faith In Him

What does God and faith have to do with Harry Potter you ask? Well nothing really, unless you believe the title of this entry. If the statement God can do anything if you have faith in him is true, then the statement God can do nothing if we do not have faith in him must also be true. Of course this theology is wrong. How scary it is when I found this as a lesson plan for young children, to reduce the being of God to no more than a magical lamp. Continue reading

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In the Spirit of Easter

Since Easter just passed, I thought it would only be right if I wrote a piece relating to this wonderful event where Jesus the Christ died on the cross, resurrected from the dead and ascended into heaven. Surely if this event did not take place, Christendom would not exist. My interest all started in an apartment in Cal Poly Pomona. My buddy and I were watching a program on the History channel (I love this channel) about the 40 days after Jesus resurrected. The questions asked were What did he do during these 40 days and why did he do it? Continue reading

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After watching ABC’s V, I felt it was appropriate to post this song. It is also extremely “bangin” making me want to bust out with the “stunna shades” in a club. On another note, this video is “kinda” weak.


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V 2009 – A very late review of the pilot

“We are of peace. Always”. I just watched the pilot of the highly popular show V or Visitors 2009. The show is about aliens coming to earth for what seems to be a peaceful treaty. The visitors state that they want resources from earth and return will share their technological advances. Little do the people know, under the beautiful appearance of the visitors is actually a reptilian race that seeks to destroy humanity. Of course there are few who knows the Visitors true motive and the discreet struggle between the aliens and humans begin. Click read more to see the full review! Continue reading

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“Know What You Believe And Why You Believe It”

“Know what you believe and why you believe it” is the slogan used by the White Horse Inn website that I occasionally listen to. This really got me thinking today as I was at a ministry training for teaching children. The topic: Sharing Christ. Our assignment was to prepare a story or demonstration to relate the gospel. Surprisingly, many of the stories told were not related to the gospel. Continue reading

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You Don’t Speak Mexican? –

You don’t speak Mexican? Well, I don’t speak Chinese! Our society has come to realize that Spanish is the national language of Mexico and those who do not know, are ignorant. But why has the Chinese population been neglected of this privilege of awareness? From students to professors and from my friends to even my family, everyone has been accustomed to saying Chinese is a spoken language. Although Chinese is considered as a “Language Family”, saying you speak Chinese is as helpful as saying you speak European or Asian. Continue reading

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Bridging the Gap

Two weekends ago I attended BASS:  Bay Area Sunday School Convention.  I went to a few workshops focused on Young Adult Ministries.  I came away feeling a bit guilty because most of these years while working with what I refer to, of course, as “the younger generation”, I constantly scratch my head and wonder, “What’s wrong with these kids? Why are you guys like that?”  I’m sure it’s no different from what the generation before mine wondered about MY generation.  I attended one workshop entitled “Generations…The Unbroken Chain: Ministry Through the Ages.”  The speaker went through the different generations from the G.I Generation (born 1900-1924) up to the most recent, Bridger Generation (born 1982-1995) describing what worldly changes or events influenced the way they lived and thought.  For example, for the Bridger Generation (aka Millenials), they had witnessed the terror of 9/11, listened to their president lie to their faces on camera, and have seen the rise in and effects of divorced families.  As a result, the Millenials are considered to be the most serious and worried generation.  A lot of what they do and think is motivated by their desire for stability.

What does this all have to do with church?  Well, the young adult age, which can be defined between the ages of 18-30 tend to drop out of church in droves.  Why is that?  Perhaps it is because the church isn’t meeting the needs of that particular generation.  As I had mentioned earlier, I came away from BASS feeling guilty.  It was because I saw I had been more condemning than understanding of the next generation.  Just because all the generations do things differently, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.  Their perceptions were a result of the experiences from their time.

What I hope to do is to open some dialogue with the young adults because that is the best way to understand them.  Here is a list from a handout: What Will Really Destroy a Young Adult Ministry:

-       If all your people do is sit in the pews

-       If you refuse to listen to them

-       If you refuse to put them to work

-       If you do Bible study the same you have for the last 50 years

-       If you don’t create opportunities for them to interact and get to know people like them

What do you guys think?  Is it true?   Do you feel your church is relevant to you for your age?  Does your church engage your age group? What is missing?  Or what does your church do that keeps you going?

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Events That Happen in My Life: Must I Know All of God’s Reasons?

“What did God teach you through that?” “What have you learned from God while experiencing that?” “What did God reveal to you?” These questions might be familiar to you because most of us have been asked these questions throughout our lives. But they all ask the same the same thing: What was God’s purpose in that event of my life. After pondering this for a while (a couple of seconds), I came to the conclusion Continue reading

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“What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?”

The question that people have been asking for centuries is not surprisingly also in the Bible. The phrase “What must I do to inherit eternal life” (though not in exact words) have been asked exactly 4 times in the Bible. 3 of the times occurred in the story of the “rich young ruler” or “rich young man” that occurs in Matthew 19, Mark 10 and Luke 18 while the 4th occurs when a lawyer and Jesus discuss the parable of the good Samaritan in Luke 10. Many people believe that being a good person would give them a pass into heaven, as long as their good deeds outweighs their bad. In this article, we will dive into scripture to see what Jesus has to say. After all, he did provide the rich young ruler and the lawyer answers for their question. But is Jesus’ answer literal, or is there a message behind his message. Continue reading

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