God Can Do Anything If You Have Faith In Him

What does God and faith have to do with Harry Potter you ask? Well nothing really, unless you believe the title of this entry. If the statement God can do anything if you have faith in him is true, then the statement God can do nothing if we do not have faith in him must also be true. Of course this theology is wrong. How scary it is when I found this as a lesson plan for young children, to reduce the being of God to no more than a magical lamp.


The lesson is from 1 Kings 17:17-24 which tells the story of Elijah and the Widow and her son. Long story short, the son got very sick and died. Elijah saw how sad the widow was and prayed to God that he may let the boy live. At the end of the story, God heard Elijah’s prayers and revived the boy and the widow believed that Elijah was a man of God.

So how does the title statement misinterpret this passage? It is clear that the woman believed after the fact that her son was revived. She had faith because of the miracle, the miracle did not happen because she had faith. One can argue that it was Elijah’s faith that revived the boy, but this was not the case. Elijah had to plead with God and the decision was ultimately his.

So why have we grown so accustomed to believing that our faith enables God to, well, be God? The reason is because our culture has taught us to be self centered with our thinking. This has led many of us to have faith in our faith rather than a faith in God. Our faith should come from the gospel where we believe that Jesus is the Christ and that he died and resurrected for the sins of his people so that they may have eternal life. A faith that expects miracles is not a solid foundation and is considered as folly. For example, a small child’s grandparents just died. She prayed with all her heart and believed 100% that God will revive her grandparents. Of course it wouldn’t happen. But how can we explain this? Do we tell her it is because she does not have faith? Of course not! Her faith should have been in Jesus and not in miracles. We as people have to stop looking inside ourselves to find the power of our faith but rather towards the almighty being of God, regardless of our faith.

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  1. tif says:

    best entry ever. loves it

  2. Kelvin says:

    good job Dorian!! =]

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