V 2009 – A very late review of the pilot

“We are of peace. Always”. I just watched the pilot of the highly popular show V or Visitors 2009. The show is about aliens coming to earth for what seems to be a peaceful treaty. The visitors state that they want resources from earth and return will share their technological advances. Little do the people know, under the beautiful appearance of the visitors is actually a reptilian race that seeks to destroy humanity. Of course there are few who knows the Visitors true motive and the discreet struggle between the aliens and humans begin. Click read more to see the full review!
Based on the pilot episode only, there are a few promising and pitfalls the show possess.


Elizabeth Mitchell stars as Erica Evans, a FBI agent who is trying to start a resistance against the visitors while trying to convince her son to end his infatuation with the visitors. Big plus for having Elizabeth Mitchell especially after playing Juliet from the best show ever (my opinion) Lost. This should be reason enough to watch the show.

WHOOT! The alluring smile of Laura Vandervoort! She plays a visitor who is also the love interest of Erica Evans’ son – talk about drama!

Although a remake, the pilot already has it’s own freshness and identity to draw viewers in. Although it is about aliens, the pilot’s development of characters has already convinced me that it is more like Battlestar Galactica than some cliche sci-fi television show. A priest questioning God during the arrival of aliens? AWESOME!


One of the protagonist is a Visitor gone native. Like Avatar but reversed, the idea of a reptilian alien deserting his own species to like amongst another is unbelievable and unrealistic. There is no way he should see his own kind as evil but a way of survival. Having this character think and have the same morals as people do just reinforces that we are superior beings. Sure it it a show about us (humans) against them (walking alligators), but turning it into good vs evil just killed off a lot of potential the show could have.

Overall I am excited to rush through the first and second season so I am all caught up with the rest of the viewers.

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  1. tif says:

    my cousin really likes this show, but mostly because of elizabeth mitchell (she’s a huge fan of her). maybe i’ll netflix it!

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